Covid-19 Update & ULTRA CLeaN

27th May 2020

Great news! As of 1st June, holiday travel is permitted in NSW! Read on to find out we are planning our property cleaning & sanitising:

At Snow Escape Holidays, the health and safety of our guests, homeowners, and employees is our number one priority. To protect against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), our support systems are more important than ever.

Please use this page to learn more about our ‘ ULTRA CLeaN ‘ protocol, so you feel 110% supported.


We have altered our Cancellation and Payments Policies to generously assist you, should you need to cancel due to COVID-19 or future events.

To minimize person-to-person contact check-in and check out will be ‘ZERO CONTACT’. This means you will be able to go directly and depart the property without coming into our office [once online check-in completed].

ULTRA CLeaN ‘ – Protocols –

Our cleaning teams have deployed enhanced cleaning & disinfecting procedures, in line with the World Health Organization & NSW Dept of Health guidelines, across our office & holiday accommodation. We do not use outside cleaning companies for any property

ULTRA CLeaN ‘ – Products & Procedures –

We have expanded our cleaning & disinfecting measures, including final sanitising high-touch & hard surfaces and utilising ‘ULTRA CleaN‘.

1/ During the cleaning process the property is aired with all windows and doors opened to aid in the dissipation of any lingering virus.

2/ Surfaces are firstly cleaned of any bacteria with “Koh”. Koh is an effective, eco-friendly surface cleaner. It’s also been proven to kill common strains of bacteria such as campylobacter, salmonella and E. coli, but it’s not a disinfectant or sanitiser, and it’s not meant to be. Its main purpose is to be tough on dirt and grime to give all surfaces a sparkling clean finish.

3/ To finish, we sanitize surfaces using World Health Organisation [WHO] guidelines & recommended products containing Isopropyl Alcohol – IPA Isopropanol 70% on ‘most-touched’ & hard surfaces such as balustrades, door handles, light fittings, blind chains, remotes etc. Soft furnishings such as pillows, lounges & cushions are sprayed using Glen-20 which is suitable for soft furnishings.

ULTRA CLeaN ‘ – Linen & Towels –

Our linen is supplied by the Australian Company, Spotless Linen Supplies. Every year Spotless processes more than 100,000 tonnes of laundry across 19 plants. That’s 200 million textile items annually. All Spotless plants and laundry processes embed best practices and certifications to meet the Australian ISO 4146 standards for microbiological contamination control. You can rest assured that sterility has been comprehensively assessed throughout the collection, laundering and delivery processes.

We also recommend you carry disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer & follow regular handwashing guidelines for when you are travelling.

Don’t forget physical distancing!


We ask that if you are feeling unwell within 14 days prior to travelling or

have come in contact with a person tested positive for COVID-19, – DO NOT TRAVEL

Contact us on [02] 64561991 to discuss your options.